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Danielle Mullins says, "By the recommendation of my sister Whitnee,  I purchased the book entitled Brown Boy. And I must admit I love it 😍. My 5 year old had so many questions after reading it, which made me realize our kids are never to young to be educated of the world we live in. To every mom with a son I recommend this book. The author is from SC, so let’s show some love!!!"


A. Kenner says, "The book Brown Boy is good for your brown boys to understand what life will offer them as they grow up and what to look out for, but don't let this be your only learning for your young brown boys, stay on it, explain to them as you read it to them!" 


J. Hooligan says, "I was given a copy of this book for Multicultural Children's Book Day to read and review honestly.

I think it is incredibly important for my son, as a white male, to have a strong understanding of what's going on around him. Brown Boy is written in a way for younger children to have a better understanding of what's going on in our country in regards to race. It uses a topic that can be difficult for some parents to approach their children about and creates a dialog. Even though I've had countless conversations with my child on this very topic, I felt having this book as a tool helped him comprehend racism more.

Some of the topics brought up in this book can be uncomfortable to talk about, and I appreciate this book even more for bringing them up and creating a bridge to have those discussions.

There are even resources at the end of the book, and I appreciate those.

I highly recommend this book for parents of all colors wanting to have a conversation with their young children about the way society treats their brown boys. And everyone else that doesn't want to as well, because maybe it'll open your eyes a bit more.



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